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Which X pkgs to hold?

Hi Gang!

I have a woody notebook and put XFree86 4.2.0 on it from the 
tarballs (because of better hdw support than in X v3). Now I 
want to try out some window managers, but apt-get wants to 
install xfree86-common every time I ask it for an X app. 

The Question:

- What packages do I need to mark as "hold" (or better?) to save 

the XFree86 v4 installation from getting damageed? (I took most 
of the options offered in the X installation routine, except 
Japanese fonts etc.)

- Where would I have looked to find this out myself if I were a 
smarter user?

- What's the best way to mark those packages so that I can 
continue life with apt-get?

All kinds of anticipatory gratitude,


-- Tony Crawford
-- tc@crawfords.de
-- +49-3341-30 99 99

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