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Re: Which X pkgs to hold?

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 09:42:17PM +0100, Tony Crawford wrote:
> Hi Gang!
> I have a woody notebook and put XFree86 4.2.0 on it from the 
> tarballs (because of better hdw support than in X v3). Now I 
> want to try out some window managers, but apt-get wants to 
> install xfree86-common every time I ask it for an X app. 

Erk.  You didn't install it into /usr did you?  You know woody includes
X 4.1, right?

> - What packages do I need to mark as "hold" (or better?) to save 
> the XFree86 v4 installation from getting damageed? (I took most 
> of the options offered in the X installation routine, except 
> Japanese fonts etc.)

You need to install equivs and create fake packages for whichever bits
you installed.  You'll have to look through the package lists to see
what you've installed from tarballs though.

> - Where would I have looked to find this out myself if I were a 
> smarter user?

Ideally, you would have either used the Debian packages, or installed
into /usr/local/X/ or something and used equivs to satisfy apt.  The
first option is definitely superior though, especially since X 4.1 *is
in woody*.


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