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Re: ipmasq with ICQ, IRC

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 08:31:20AM -0800, Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 11:42:36PM +1100, Rob Weir wrote:
> > It Just Worked for me, I think.  The only config options I know of is
> > the one that lets you specify which remotes ports are to be considered
> > IRC or FTP (I think it's 6666 and 6667 and 21, by default).  Does
> > masquerading work for you in general?
> Yes, but DCC connections in IRC don't work, and FTP works passive mode
> only.  ftp-data is either 20 or 22, I need 21 to go to a specific host
> when I'm set up for masq.

Hmm...I'm really not sure.  I'm using Monmotha's rc.firewall script, and
it works great for me.  I scanned through it, but I'm really sure that
it doesn't do any setup of these modules, or even load them.

> > Can I point licq at the jabber icq server?
> You should be able to with icqv7-t and jabber installed, though I have
> yet to try this myself.

I'm fairly sure the icqv7-transport is an icq client on one side (talks
to Mirabilis' servers) and a jabber server on the other (which talks to
gabber, psi, et al).  No ICQ serving involved.


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