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Re: SMTP standards : needs outgoing SMTP server be MX for my domain?

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 04:08:59PM +0100, DEFFONTAINES Vincent wrote:
> An organization refuses emails from my domain, under this reason :
> My domain's mailer that connects to their SMTP server is not MX of my
> domain.

Well, if they want to refuse mail from you they can do so for any
reason they like. They'll refuse mail from all large ISPs here in 
the netherlands (they will have separate servers for incoming
and outgoing mail: they need different machines for these things,
because of the load, and this separation is natural). 

I host a couple of domains, and ALL people mailing from those domains
will be refused: My server (the MX) does NOT relay.

> I am wondering if SMTP standards require that email sender of a domain be
> its MX? I find that really surprising.

It is their decision to filter on some stupid "hint" that a mail 
might be spam. This is a very bad "hint", and has lots of false 
positives. Their problem. 


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