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Re: SMTP standards : needs outgoing SMTP server be MX for my domain?

DEFFONTAINES Vincent <Vincent.DEFFONTAINES@coe.int> [2002-12-18 16:08:59 +0100]:
> An organization refuses emails from my domain, under this reason :
> My domain's mailer that connects to their SMTP server is not MX of my
> domain.
> Indeed it is not, I have different hosts for ingoing and outgoing email
> traffic.

If you wanted to work around that issue you could place your outgoing
SMTP server as a very low priority MX for your domain.  And also
configure your outgoing server not to accept incoming mail.  Since it
is low priority it won't be hit unless all lower priority machines are
offline.  (Spammers frequently work MX in reverse priority, assuming
that people don't maintain the lower priority relays well and can
insert spam there.  So the only hits will be spammers.)

Meanwhile if all of your lower priority MX servers for incoming mail
are unreachable mail would fallback to your low priority outgoing
server that you are not accepting incoming mail from in spite of the
MX record.  Okay, that is no worse than not having it.  Your lower
priority machines were offline too.  So no harm, no foul.

> Actually, I see no good reason why outgoing mailer should be the same as MX.
> I am wondering if SMTP standards require that email sender of a domain be
> its MX? I find that really surprising.

The problem is spam.  When you are drowning in the sea you don't look
carefully at the rules for boating safety when you grab onto a life
preserver to take a breath of air.


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