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Re: how to build mozilla .deb's from sources?

> To get them unified, I gather the three together in the same directory
> (just the three, into, say /moz_tmp), and do a "# dpkg-source -x *.dsc",
> which (for this example) produces: /home/me/wherever/moz_tmp/mozilla-1.2.1
> I then cd to mozilla-1.2.1, and do a "# debian/rules binary-arch", which
> (hopefully) produces 13 different *.deb packages.
> Oh, and the *.dsc shows the build-dependencies.
> I believe an apt-get source package... will get sources too, but I'm not
> familiar with it, and I usually don't know its name, want a specific thing,
> or want to do something in the source tree before I compile the package(s).

If I have an additional patch, where should I put the patch before I do "# 
debian/rules binary-arch" and hopefully build my own patched .deb package?

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