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Re: Configuring XFree86 version 4

Deryk Barker wrote:
One further piece of info: I tested the new system out by booting
Knoppix, which ran just fine.

So I thought I could snag the XF86Config-4 from that - put it onto
floppy (!) etc.

Did all that and it still didn't work - but the Knoppix-derived config
used the nv driver and Knoppix is based on unstable.

I'm dist-upgrading to testing right now to see if there's a new enough
nv driver in that...


I have run into this sort of complaint a couple of times in the past that turned out to be a screwed-up font install. Most of the time it has been a result of the "frambuffer' thing, but occasionally it was the fonts. Check them out and make sure you have the required "minimal" set installed and/or re-install them.

I think upgrading to "testing" version will probably help. I have been using it since it arrived in testing and it has been quite satifactory. I believe it is version 4.2, wheras version 4.1 is in Woody (stable). There are some additional drivers and support for more cards in version 4.2, which also might be your problem...dunno.

-Don Spoon-

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