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Re: DLINK DFE-530TX install problems

Deryk Barker <dbarker@turing.cs.camosun.bc.ca> [2002-12-19 12:21:13 -0800]:
> I just tried installing using the bf24 flavour and so far everything
> seems OK - I've just apt-got much of the system...

Note that the bf24 kernel has many drivers compiled into the kernel to
make bootstrapping work reliably.  Here is the thing to look out for.
When you update and install a customized kernel such as the k7 kernel
or whatever, that tuned kernel is set up for modules and your
networking will stop working by default.  You need to specify the
module to load in /etc/modules to enable it.

While the system is working with the bf24 kernel, run 'lsmod' and note
the drivers that it is using.  via-rhine, 8139too, tulip, etc.  After
updating you can place any that you need to load in /etc/modules.
Then at boot time everything will be fine.

The 'modconf' program will do all of this for you with a guided
install.  It presents a menu of drivers, you select, it installs that
line in /etc/modules.


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