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Re: fetchmail and mutt

Paul Scott, 2002-Dec-19 12:32 -0700:
> How does it "give it"?  How does tell the Procmail configuration how to 
> find it?  I have similar questions about the rest of the steps below.  I 
> have actually read a lot about this and still don't have answers to some 
> of the basics.

Here's a good ~/.fetchmailrc
set logfile "/home/jeff/.fetch/fetchlog"
set postmaster "root"
set bouncemail
set daemon 600
set properties ""

poll <mailservername> with proto IMAP   # or POP3
        user jcoppock there with password <mypassword> is jeff here
        options flush stripcr warnings 3600
mda 'maildrop'
        antispam 571 550 501 554

I've ever used Exim, so you may need to replace Maildrop with Exim, or
Procmail if you plan to use that.


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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