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Re: fetchmail and mutt

This one time, at band camp, Paul Scott said:
> So I need (if I want good filtering):
> ISP -> fetchmail -> procmail -> exim -> mutt

That is one good way.

> I thought I read in some exim doc that exim doesn't filter.

It doesn't exactly filter, more like sort.  Exim is a mail transport
agent, and can transport your mail to wherever you specify, according to
a given set of rules (set up in ~/.forward).  Procmail is a mail
delivery agent, and is more robust.  It can call external programs, lock
the mailspool while a piece of mail is being run through the external
program to avoid corruption, etc.  It depends on your needs - if you
have many sorting needs, and want to filter your mail through a variety
of programs, procmail may suit you better.  If your needs are simple,
exim can handle it.  It's a case of There's More Than One Way To Do

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