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Re: Server Recommendations

hi ya dan

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Dan Hunt wrote:

> I am ready to set up my own Web Server rather than paying my friends each month.
> Your IT guidance would be appreciated. I have a dusty Pentium 90 with 32 MB Ram, 
> and a 1 GB Drive. The new unit will be equipped with Debian Woody, on a 
> static DSL IP address without any firewall. Will this meager equipment
> serve as a village (community)  static page web server and mail server
> for about 1 dozen people? Would I need something more to run zope or
> drupal? 

my old P90 w/48MB has been the primaryserver for some major
community websites supporting hundreds of people ... 
including (slow)search and automated rsvp via web/emails
	and is still my main email servers and clients ... 
	for other "mailing lists"

no complaints from anybody

"its free" to them... :-)

and if you do have a spare 386... use it as your firewall..

c ya

- and we're currently looking at dual a 1TB disk w/ dual-hot-swap-powersupply
  in a 12"(?) deep 1U .. fun design ... if you wanna  get "beefy"  
	( at least my idea of beefy" )
	- ts vaporware/vaporhardware right now..

> Perhaps I should shop around ebay canada for a "not the i386" debian port equipment?
> Can you please your reality based, ultra low budget equipment suggestions? 

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