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Re: Server Recommendations

nate said:

> I'm sure people will disagree but I strongly do not reccomend running a
> system, even a minimal one with less then 64MB of ram. If your using zope
> you probably want something more powerful. My experience with zope is
> limited to Zwiki, but I have noticed that it takes 100 to 200 or more
> times more processing power to serve a page then apache does. That is, a
> zope page on my local network can take up to 2 seconds to load, while the
> apache page with the same (static) content takes a fraction of 1
> second(loads so fast I can't count). Perhaps normal
> zope without zwiki, or other zope apps are different.

woops forgot to mention, the machine that I'm running zope on is
a P3-800 with 1GB of ram with dual western digital special edition
disks(8MB cache) in raid 1 .. the machine does quite a bit of other
stuff(ldap, postfix, apache, apache-ssl, mrtg, big brother etc)..
but the machine itself is no slouch, which is why I was so shocked
it took so long to load the zope pages. load on this box is gettin
outta control, it's been hovering in the 6-8 area for the past
few hours, gotta look to relocate my mrtg stuff to another machine
I guess. maybe the software raid is bogging it down ..


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