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Re: Server Recommendations

-- Dan Hunt <Dan.Hunt@St.Brieux.com> wrote
(on Wednesday, 18 December 2002, 08:58 PM -0600):
> I am ready to set up my own Web Server rather than paying my friends each month.
> Your IT guidance would be appreciated. I have a dusty Pentium 90 with
> 32 MB Ram, and a 1 GB Drive. The new unit will be equipped with Debian
> Woody, on a static DSL IP address without any firewall. Will this
> meager equipment serve as a village (community)  static page web
> server and mail server for about 1 dozen people? Would I need
> something more to run zope or drupal? 
If possible, I'd up the ram and hard drive slightly -- mainly for the
mail. But otherwise, it should be fine. I'm running mine on a P-200 with
64MB and two hard drives (1 2GB and 1 3GB), and it does quite nicely (I
run a couple sites off it, and receive mail for a handful of people;
currently, my /home directory is mounted on the 2GB drive and holds my
web document root and all mail -- and has only 12% usage). It even
serves as a firewall (using iptables) and an IMAP server (allowing for
remote connection for mail retrieval).

If you want to run a database backend for a CMS (if I remember
correctly, that's what drupal is, right?), you'll need even more RAM --
my machine slowed noticably when I've run mysql in the past. But it's
certainly do-able on this hardware, and the ram for these machines is
still fairly easily obtainable and cheap.

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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