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RE: cups and hpijs driver


Thank you for sticking with this! I havn't yet done anything on Linux that
hasn't been a major hassle (not complaining, I really like the brain
exercise and I like the end result which usually works well...I have my
webserver up and running without a problem now for a couple of
months...getting ready to set up mysql and php...anyway:)

> Using the parallel port.
OK...same here

> Do a "lsmod" as root and see if the following modules are loaded:
> paraport
> paraport_pc
> lp
> All three present and accounted for.
OK...drivers are present.

I see a message in the bootup messages indicating it "sees" the printer,
> I see the same in my messages. Names it by name.
> and also:
> lp0 using parport0

>OK...just a thought here.  Do you have your parallel port turned "on" in
the BIOS.  It shouldn't make a difference to Linux, but one never knows ;)
I Checked and it is "on".

> But... > > and when I try the KDE Printing Manager it shows up already
listed in the > "Local Port Selection" screen of the Wizzard. >>Right.. same
here.  Mine shows a "tree" of selections: Parallel Parallel Port #1
HEWLETT-PACKARD DESKJET 960C Do you high-light it (select it) so
"parallel:/dev/lp0" shows in the "URI" window at the bottom of the screen?
This is a miscommunication. I do not get this. I was quoting you. haha.

> I do not get as far as "Local Port Selection in the wizzard as it is >
demanding a "backend" In "Backend" > "Classes" are all greyed out except
"Class of Printers" which if I select, > brings me to "Class Composition"
which gives me no selections at all. End of > the line. >
>I get this as the very first screen after the KDE Wizzard starts up. All of
mine are available except the "Print to file" and "Serial Fax/Modem Printer"
selections, which are greyed-out.

I wonder where does the wizzard get this information? It must be a
configuration file somewher, no?

>>Do you have "CUPS" selected as the "Print System Currently Used" at the
bottom of the KDE Printing Manager?  The only other thing that might cause
this is that somehow your kdelibs3-cups didn't get installed
>try re-installing the kdelibs3-cups package.  What version of KDE are you
using?  I am using 2.2.2 from Woody/Testing.  I have NOT made the move to
the 3.X versions yet.

I am using 2.2.2 too.
I just uninstalled, shut down, restarted, installed ran /etc/init.d/cupsys
restart and opened control center>system and I get the same routine: backend
selections all grayed out, etc. Yes I have CUPS as the Print System
Currently Used.

>You ARE trying all this config as "root" ... right?

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org

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