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Re: pop - ssl

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Tom Allison wrote:

> if ipopd is replacing ipopd-ssl, then how are you supposed to get SSL support
> for POP?
> I noticed that ipop-ssl is just a dummy package, but ipopd has NOTHING in it
> discussing it's support for SSL.

$ head /usr/share/doc/ipopd/README.Debian
ipopd for DEBIAN

[Note: imap uses the c-client library for most of the actual work of
handling mail.  So you should read the documentation in
/usr/share/doc/libc-client2002/ too.]

Comments regarding the Package

This package has been compiled with SSL support.  On installation it will

Whoops that should say ipopd not imap right?  The principle is the same

Btw, if you are having problems with any of my packages, I encourage you
to use the Bug Tracking System.  I don't check this list very often.

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