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Re: IMAP recommendations

Tom Allison said:

> Well, I tried to install the new one and got stuck on this SASL stuff.
> I've been at this for a solid two days after three days of RTFMing.

I've heard of nightmarish stories about cyrus 2.x too, not from
debian users, but from a few people trying it on redhat(compiling from
source). Try the older one. it works well except that bug, which may
not be an issue if you run a trusted network(IMAP only listens on
localhost on my system, since I only use webmail to interface with it).

real simple to setup(IMO of course), the only downside is using PAM,
the cyrus pam module/setup has a major memory leak, After a few weeks
I've seen it as high as 150MB of memory usage for the pwcheck process(usually
hovers around 1.5MB). Never caused any trouble on my systems, I don't
actively track it, and restart it when I notice ..

or go for courier.. I originally chose cyrus 2 years ago because it
had POP3 support and the Courier version in debian at the time, I read
had at best experimental POP3 support. Courier is supposed to have good
pop3 support now.


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