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Re: Re: IMAP recommendations

 Tom Allison <tallison@tacocat.net> wrote:
>nate wrote:
>> Tom Allison said:
>>>I'm looking for suggestions on which of the .deb available IMAP
>>>servers might do well for scalability and security.
>>>I am planning on tying this in with a webmail interface, probably
>> I use cyrus, its quite scalable, very fast. Courier is good too I
>> hear(no personal experience). Cyrus has a serious security bug in
>> it at the moment, hasn't been fixed yet in debian.
>> another downside to cyrus in debian woody is its very old(probably 3-4
>> years old). Debian unstable has a newer version of cyrus(never tried it).
>> the old one works great for me though, supports quotas, shared mailboxes,
>> inboxes-without-accounts(e.g. the email address I am writing is only
>> an email address an an INBOX, theres no username/password associated
>> with it), good file locking for multiple simultaneous logins of the same
>> account, the imap server indexes all mail so when you view folders it
>> doesn't have to re-process all the files in the directory(1 file per
>> email message) ..
>Well, I tried to install the new one and got stuck on this SASL stuff.
>I've been at this for a solid two days after three days of RTFMing.
>For the life of me I can't get anything at all to work and the documentation 
>leaves a lot to be desired.
>I don't need to do kerberos.  I don't know about PAM.  All I'm trying to do 
>is create a imap server, maybe pop-ssl, but nothing else.  I've been doing 
>this with uw-imapd for a while yet and wanted to move to cyrus on the basis 
>of some of the features it offers.  But considering I cant even get the 
>authentication working and can't find anything to help explain why any of the 
>administration commands don't work makes it a little less than encouraging.
>Sure, the theory is explained, but there isn't much on what to do to 
>configure it.  Yes, you can go on for pages about different configuration 
>references and vague statements about adding such and such to the 
>configuration, but WHERE, SYNTAX, FORMAT...
>The only documentation I can find is on kerberos configuration assuming that 
>you've already got kerberos installed.
>It's a standalone box that doesn't have anyone else to talk to, I really 
>don't think that I need kerberos.

I just finished a setup of fetchmail-exim-procmail-courier-imap.
It was easier than i expected.
Maybe you should give courier-imap a try?

Put your comment on documentation is definitely valid (at least to me).
Why oh why can't there be simple sample configurations for the most
common approaches?

Anyway, that's why these debian lists are kick*ss.

Benedict Verheyen

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