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Re: OT: duplex entry in printcap

On 18 Dec 2002, 16:42:04, Martin F Krafft wrote:
> We have a duplex-capable HP LJ 5MP/Sx at the lab and instead of
> editing the postscript headers for every file I want to print duplex,
> it would be much nicer if I could just have an additional entry in
> /etc/printcap, so that lprng prints duplex when printing via this new
> entry.

I did this years ago . . . please bear with me, my Unix printing was never
very good, and this was the highlight of my career in that area . . . 

/etc/printcap has entries for pre- and post- job streams.

I created a text file that sent the HP the PCL command to switch it's default
to duplex, and one to switch to default to simplex printing.  I then used
these to pre- and post- process the jobs on a 2nd queue . . . 

But I can't for the life of me find the actual jobs . . . . . .

I also setup a landscap printing queue, and using an additioinal filtering
program (gs I think), I setup 2-up - landscape and 4-up portrait queues as
well . . . and a filter that stripped an extraneos Ctrl-D that the Windoze
PS print-driver put at the head of files that cause Unix to drop the rest
of the PS print-job.

You might want to search the Samba or NetAtalk archives for specifics on this.
 That's what I was working with at the time . . . 


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