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Re: SMTP standards : needs outgoing SMTP server be MX for my domain?

According to RFC 2505 on the recommendations for SMTP vs. Spam, there is a 
recommendation to verify that FROM:  addreses do come from valid DNS hosts 
and to limit relaying.

However, it doesn't specify checking whether the FROM: hostname is MX for the 

There IS an Internet Draft from August of this year describing a DNS resource 
MS record, which would be the authoritative mail sender, but that's nowhere 
near common practice yet. Perhaps someone has written an MTA that is trying 
to do this with the MX record.

Looks like that system has some non-RFC 'features'. Any idea what MTA it is?


On Wednesday 18 December 2002 9:08 am, DEFFONTAINES Vincent expounded thusly:
> An organization refuses emails from my domain, under this reason :
> My domain's mailer that connects to their SMTP server is not MX of my
> domain.
> Indeed it is not, I have different hosts for ingoing and outgoing email
> traffic.
> Actually, I see no good reason why outgoing mailer should be the same as
> MX.
> I am wondering if SMTP standards require that email sender of a domain be
> its MX? I find that really surprising.
> I'll be glad to know if anyone can enlight me.
> Thanks,
> Vincent

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