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Re: HELP! dhcp server not talking to clients

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 06:00:36PM -0600, Charles Lewis wrote:
> Doh! I bet this is the problem. I have a linksys router/switch that I 
> bet is the culprit. Don't know why I didn't think of it before. I can't 
> think of how to fix it until I get home, though. The weird thing is that 
> this has only been a problem when my linux box went down with kernel 
> problems. I was using a straight hub until a couple of months ago, and I 
> guess my linux box was able to maintain control until it went down..

aha.  well i'll be that the reason why it never showed up as a problem
before was because your linux box's dhcp deamon responds faster than
the router does to requests, so the other machines listen to that until it
goes away.  to fix it remotely it depends on your router, but try opening
an http connection or telnetting in from the internal lan.  if it asks for
a password that you didn't set, it's probably an easily guessable default,
like, say, "default", or "admin" or the brandname of the router....


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