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Re: samba: cannot auto umount CD-ROM

Am Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2002 06:28 schrieb Dai Yuwen:
> I want to samba auto mount/umount CD-ROM.  This is my `cdrom' section of
> smb.conf:
> Auto mount is OK.  Every time a Windows user clicks the `cdrom' directory,
> `/cdrom' will be mounted.  But it seems that `postexec' is not executed
> after the user had closed the whole connection to the samba server?  To
> eject the cd-rom, I have  to kill the samba process that uses /cdrom.  Very
> inconvenient.  Any solutions?

postexec is probably executed correctly, but Windows holds up the connection 
for performance reasons (really :-) ) When you reopen a share within a 
certain time (I think it's about 5 min) there is no need to reconnect (but 
what about resources ... :->). I had the same problem with a ZIP drive, but I 
didn't worry about it at that time.

Try eject /cdrom and wait for some time after "closing" the connection. If the 
CDROM ejects, there is no problem with the command.

You might grep the output of lsof for /cdrom, extract the PID with awk and 
kill that process. You can create a new share with preexec that script (or a 
Webserver with CGI support)


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