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samba: cannot auto umount CD-ROM

Hi, all

I want to samba auto mount/umount CD-ROM. This is my `cdrom' section of smb.conf:

    comment = Samba server's CD-ROM
    writable = no
    locking = no
    path = /cdrom
    public = yes
; The next two parameters show how to auto-mount a CD-ROM when the
;       cdrom share is accesed. For this to work /etc/fstab must contain
;       an entry like this:
;       /dev/scd0   /cdrom  iso9660 defaults,noauto,ro,user   0 0
; The CD-ROM gets unmounted automatically after the connection to the
; If you don't want to use auto-mounting/unmounting make sure the CD
;       is mounted on /cdrom
    preexec = /bin/mount /cdrom
    postexec = /bin/umount /cdrom

Auto mount is OK. Every time a Windows user clicks the `cdrom' directory, `/cdrom' will be mounted. But it seems that `postexec' is not executed after the user had closed the whole connection to the samba server? To eject the cd-rom, I have to kill the samba process that uses /cdrom. Very inconvenient. Any solutions?

samba: 2.2.3a-12 on Woody

Best regards,
Dai Yuwen

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