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Suggestions for faxing under Debian?

I'm looking for a simple fax solution for a laptop.  I've settled on
efax, though it's not all I'd hoped for.

hylafax, while suitable for a dedicated fax server, seems to have
numerous problems when used in a send-only, periodic, mode.  See bug
#173024 for details.

While efax does indeed send faxes, there are a few things I'd be
interested in seeing:

  - Preconfigured fax recipeitns.  The equivalent of an email alias or

  - The ability to queue up a list of faxes to send (and resend/retry if
    necessary) at a later point in time.  Since this system uses the
    modem as its primary networking interface, I can't be online and
    send faxes at the same time.  efax doesn't appear to support this.
    Ideally, I'd submit a set of requests, to be executed at some later
    time when the modem is free.  This probably fits hylafax better than
    efax.  Or I could gin up a front-end to submit faxes when the
    modem's free....  Hmm.

  - Set up faxing as a printer service.  There's a howto on the topic,
    but I haven't managed to get it working with my system yet.
    Currently using lpr for printing, but I'm considering switching to

If anyone's got stories/configs for fax setups to share, I'm interested.


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