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courier imap configuration almost working


today, i wanted to install an email service on my local pc
while waiting for my server to be repaired. I then only
have to mimic my configuration and tune it.
The setup involves fetchmail (pop3), exim (smtp), procmail
to filter and courier-imap to access it.
Mail is fetched ok, forwarded okay by exim and procmail
splits it up. For testing purposes i only split up a few things:
kde mailing list, user mailing list and all other mails.
My maildir looks like this:
Maildir/kde (also with a cur new tmp in )
Maildir/user (also with a cur new tmp in )

1) First weird thing (at least for me but i could be standard) is that
the mails in kde and user are written as 1040076006.15184_0.lancelot
(lancelot is the hostname)  and in the new directory as msgDke...
My procmail looks like this so maybe the problem (if there is any) lies here:

* ^Resent-Sender.*debian-kde-request*

* ^Resent-Sender.*debian-user-request*

(i have not fully typed the Resent-Sender lines as i am not able to use the "at"
symbol for some reason in the mozilla mail program)

Exim is also configured to deliver in the Maildir format

I then installed courier-imap, made an account in mozilla mail and configured
imap and smtp to be found at localhost because that's where the services
are running ( exim and courier)

I then get the messages in an Inbox folder under benedict"at"lancelot
(sorry fot "at")
I can also email as benedict"at"lancelot which gets then rewritten to
my normal email specified in /etc/emailaddresses

But i cannot seem to access the mails in the kde and user folder
or do i have to create them IN the cur or kde folder?

(hopefully sending works :)

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