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Re: Digicams and Debian/Linux


I am writing just to report that the camera memory stick could be
mounted just the way Kevin instructed me to do. The device used was an
scsi, usually used to mount a scsi partition (/dev/sda1), and everything
worked perfectly. Thank you all very much for the comments and tips! Now
I can play with my camera and download the photos without reboot...


On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 13:57, Kevin Coyner wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 01:55:47PM -0500, Bruno Diniz de Paula wrote......
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > I have just purchased a digicam (Sony DSC-P7) and I was trying to
> > download the pictures from the camera to my box (Debian sid). When I
> > plug the camera into some of the USB ports, the usbmgr detects the
> > device and the Sony is listed when running lsusb. After doing some
> > googling, I haven't succeded in finding a package or some way to mount
> > the memory card at the camera or to read the pictures after the device
> > was detected by usbmgr. Does some of you know if there is a package in
> > Debian that helps working around this stuff or if there is another
> > better solution?
> I've the Sony DSC-F707, so I suppose much of it is the same.  Here's
> what I did ...
> 1.  As root, lsmod to see what mods are installed.  You should look for:
> 	usb-storage
> 	usbcore
> 	scsi_mod
> 	sd_mod
> 	usb-uhci
> 	input
> 	sr_mod
> You probably don't need all of these, but that's what I've got in mine
> for my system, which does have SCSI HD's.  
> 2.  Edit /etc/fstab by making the entry:
> 	/dev/sdc1   /home/userMe/mnt/sony   vfat  noauto,user 0 0
> 3.  Plug in the camera via the USB
> 4.  Mount the disk with:
> 	mount  /dev/sdc1   /home/userMe/mnt/sony -t vfat
> 5.  Diagnose by checking:
> 	/var/log/messages
> 	/var/log/syslog
> 	/proc/bus/usb      // this will show you what is being seen
> 	/proc/scsi         // see what's here too
> That's all it took for me to get it working.
> HTH.
> Kevin
Bruno Diniz de Paula <diniz@cs.rutgers.edu>
Rutgers University

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