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Re: cups and hpijs driver

It turns out there is a debian package called hpijs, so I installed that along with foomatic-bin. But it still did not show up in the driver list. What do I do now?

Phil Reardon

Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:

On Monday 16 December 2002 13:41, Phil Reardon wrote:
How do I get the hpijs driver for cups on my debian sid box?  I am
trying to configure an hp photosmart 7350 printer, but when I went to
http://localhost:631/ and tried to set up the printer, there were
only three hp drivers listed, one each for deskjets, laserjets and
new deskjets.

Have you looked at the foomatic packages? I struggled a long time with my HP OfficeJet printer before I found that. Which reminds me (new question to list): Is there a way to have apt-get list the Recommended and Suggested packages of the package just installed? For a newbie, it takes time to discover things like that, and such a feature would help newbies a lot, I think.



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