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can't mount or su

Lately (for the last few weeks) I've been unable to mount the floppy
drive or su using one of my accounts.  Mostly it's just annoying
because the account that's having problems is the one I use for
programming and for playing with possibly dangerous stuff-- my default
account is fine.  But, when I do need to get at the floppy when I'm
programming, I have to log in as root on another terminal and transfer
files between the floppy and the home dir that way, and then go back
over to the terminal where I'm logged in to program; needless to say,
this is a Bad Thing.

But I've looked through everything I can find and I can't find any
explanation for it.  Both accounts are members of the 'floppy' group,
so according to what I've read there's no reason why I should be
refused access to the floppy drive.  The error message I get when I
try to mount a floppy is:
mount: Must be superuser to mount.

As for not being allowed to su to root, that's odd, too.  What
happens is, I'll type in su, it'll prompt me for a password, I'll type
it in (correctly), and then it'll tell me "su: Authentication failure
Sorry."  I can't figure out what the problem is there, either.

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn't have any trouble mounting the
floppy or su'ing.  Does anybody have any idea what the problem might


Vikki Roemer
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