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Re: debian

On Monday 16 December 2002 18:38, Christopher Bice wrote:
> I just learned about Debian and I am wondering if it is possible to
> use one of our older Pentium 90 computers as a router for up to four
> other machines to access each other as well as the internet via high
> speed cable modem.

I do this for my parents in their house. But, I use Coyote Linux for 
this purpose. Threw out the harddrive (if somebody breaks in, there's 
no harddrive to put tools on, and the ramdisk isn't too big), booting 
from floppy. http://www.coyotelinux.com/ is the web site. It has a 2.2 
kernel, though. 

If you want a 2.4 kernel and something that is more based on Debian, 
then check out FloppyFW: http://www.zelow.no/floppyfw/
But I couldn't that configured for my setup. A friend of mine has 80 
machines behind a 133 MHz Pentium box... 


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