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Using p2c to translate Delphi to C?

I am evaluating some Delphi source code for a consulting contract I might do.

The project would be a port from Windows to Mac OS, which doesn't have Delphi support. Delphi appears to be a very specialized dialect of Pascal. Pascal used to be popular on the Mac, but I don't think that there are Pascal compilers anymore that will compile OS X native source for the Mac.

My first thought of how to deal with this was to try translating the source with the p2c Pascal to C translator that is available for Woody. But the first try just barfed. I could probably fix up the Delphi source to make it work, but I worry about causing some problem because I don't have a Delphi compiler.

Is there a version of p2c available anywhere (it doesn't have to be a Debian package) that can translate Delphi to C? Or any kind of Delphi to C translator?

Thank you for your help.

Michael D. Crawford
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