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postfix/smtpd - illegal address

I'm running Postfix on a Debian box and this morning was sent an email
with an invalid address syntax (no dot before the com in the email
address). Now typically this has not been a problem, but for some
reason, this time around, the message is stuck in some kind of delivery
loop that I cannot find and break.  Here are the /var/log/mail.warn

Dec 16 08:30:44 sumida postfix/smtpd[26504]: warning: Illegal address  \
syntax from localhost[] in MAIL command: <mcrowley@netvigator com>

Dec 16 08:30:49 sumida fetchmail[26341]: SMTP error: 501 Bad address syntax

Dec 16 08:30:49 sumida fetchmail[26341]: mail from FETCHMAIL-DAEMON@\
sumida.hawkwood bounced to kosuke

(sumida.hawkwood is my box, kosuke is the user me)

I've checked mailq and there's nothing in the queue.  

I've looked through /var/spool/postfix, but there are probably a hundred
subfolders in that tree - hard to find the offending message without the
right utility.

I've restarted both fetchmail and postfix just for good, but probably
misguided, measure.

Sure would appreciate any tips to help clean this up.


Kevin Coyner
mailto: kevin@rustybear.com
GnuPG key: 1024D/8CE11941

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