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mutt/exim [solved] - how to rewrite sender-name

Yeah - solved it.
Thanks for your help and patience with me.

I solved it with:
* Put localuser in /etc/group mail-group
* Put mail-group in /etc/exim.conf trusted-groups
* Rewrite (all) local users in /etc/exim.conf with username_my_ISP_expects

Thanks again - with a running email my box seems to be "completely" configured 

On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 02:12:48AM +0000, Pigeon wrote:
> Forget trusted user, it sort of doesn't work. That means it does what
> the specs say it does, but that isn't what you expect.
> > So it seems I have to use my /etc/exim.conf to rewrite my Sendername (localuser@myhostname) to avoid a rejection from my ISP (550 Sender verify failed).
> > But that didn't work (I did smthg wrong) - I tried in my /etc/exim.conf rewrite section:
> > *@localuser@myhostname usernamemyISPexpects Ffrs
> Not *@localuser@myhostname, just *@myhostname

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