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Re: mutt/exim - how to rewrite sender-name (-f flag)

My local user belongs to trusted_users and trusted-groups (mail).

Everything else than a -t flag in my .muttrc causes: exim: neither action flags nor mail addresses given (don't really know what mutt gives to exim).

So it seems I have to use my /etc/exim.conf to rewrite my Sendername (localuser@myhostname) to avoid a rejection from my ISP (550 Sender verify failed).
But that didn't work (I did smthg wrong) - I tried in my /etc/exim.conf rewrite section:
*@localuser@myhostname usernamemyISPexpects Ffrs

In the error-mail the sender is still localuser@myhostname

I tried also without the frs flags.

TIA (it seems I'm very close to get my email running - at last)

> | > * How do I tell exim (/etc/exim.conf) to rewrite any sender name of
> | >   a local user with "username" (I'm a single user on my laptop)? or
> | Try this in your /etc/exim/exim.conf or /etc/email-addresses
> | 
> | *@your_hostname username@domain.at Ffrs
>                                      ^^^^
> Only use all of those flags if you want the From: and Reply-To:
> headers modified as well.  If all you want is the envelope sender to
> be changed use just the 'F' flag.  (see section 34.6 of spec.txt)
> mutt passes the flag to exim, but exim ignores it because you are not
> a "trusted_user".  See the exim manual for details on that.

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