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Re: Help: Tomcat 4.1.16 (unstable)

Rob Weir wrote:

Why did you force these packages?  That's going to hurt in the future,
especially since apt won't install anything now.  If it's to avoid the
Java dependency, then go get the Java packages from blackdown.org or use
the java dummy package available in Debian, or even the equivs package.

Because java-dummy somehow doesn't satisfy the dependecies for the current packages in unstable.

Dunno why this is happening.  Tomcat4 worked great for me when I
installed it with the blackdown.org packages.

Tomcat4 is working.. But it ignores my configuration changes .... or quits.
And my knowledge from tomcat3 seems to be outdated :-(
Ok! I try the packages from blackdown.org. Perhaps this the solution.


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