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Help: Tomcat 4.1.16 (unstable)


I try to get tomcat4 running in debian (stable/testing/unstable).

I got me the current version of j2sdk (1.4.1_01) and installed it to /usr/local/java/j2sdk1.4.1_01. I selected tomcat4, tomcat4-admin, tomcat4-webapps and libtomcat4.java in dselect to get the dependencies fixed and installed all the needed packages except the four mentioned above. I downloaded the four packages separatly and installed them with dpkg -i --force-depends.
In /etc/default/tomcat4 JAVA_HOME is set to the correct path.

Hurra: after /etc/init.d/tomcat4 start tomcat is up and running.

All the configuration files are untouched after installation.
Homepage, tomcat4 and webdav pages are working. But I can't get the examples, tomcat-admin and the manager to work. Examples and tomcat-admin are missing. Manager asks for user and password if called from local host, but then .... access denied.

I tried to set up my own context in server.xml and my own tomcat-user.xml but it doesn't work.

Any hints what I'm missing?

Thanxs in advance


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