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Re: exim problem?

On Sunday, 15 December 2002 at 21:15:29 +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:
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> On Sunday 15 December 2002 5:58 pm, Eric R Cheney wrote:
> > Any ideas what is wrong?
> >
> It would help if there were some details - like the relevent parts of 
> /etc/exim/exim.conf

Someone already mentioned (replied off-list, and thanks) that exim is 
for sending mail; so my problem isn't with exim.  So I guess 
my problem is with a imapd server....  I have a uw-imapd running, 
and that works internally (i.e. inside the home I can use 
mozilla to read mail from the mail server via another internal 
box).  But again, sending mail directly to the mail "box" from an 
external host won't work (though other tcp stuff works like ftp, 
http, etc).  Eventually get an e-mail from the external sending 
host "failed MX lookup".

So what do I need to setup so that mail is received directly?  Again, 
fetchmail will work, but I can't get it directly sent (I have a domain 
name, etc.).  And, what tcp/ip port should I have my dsl/router 
set up for forwarding to the mail server?

Thank you for your thoughts.
Eric Cheney

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