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mutt won't send mail now

My mutt has fleas,...well anyway,  

I posted earlier that /usr/bin/mutt was giving me 'message aborted
error' when i was trying to reply to emails and someone was kind 
enough to point out that ${EDITOR} was probably not specified, he was right.
well now it appears that mutt doesn't know 'how' to send mail.
It will state message sent but nothing will be sent. I looked at /etc/Muttrc
and ~/.muttrc and there is no line about what sendmail to use. 
I found a line 'set sendmail' and tried to configure it to 
set sendmail='/usr/sbin/exim' but that doesn't appear to work. I don't 
know what happened to my 'mutt' files, it was working fine. 
'mail' and exim/sendmail still work and are configured fine because i
can sendmail from the command line fine.

I would appreciate any .config files or examples anyone may have, thanks.



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