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Re: mailto followup headers (was: Re: Content Management System sought)

also sprach Elimar Riesebieter <riesebie@lxtec.de> [2002.12.14.2114 +0100]:
> To reply to a mailing list you have to type L and not r ;-)

i have all my listmail filed by procmail underneath the =mass/
hierarchy, so i can do this:

  folder-hook .    "bind  index g group-reply ; bind  pager g group-reply"
  folder-hook mass "bind  index g list-reply ; bind pager g list-reply"

and i just hit 'g' to reply to all my mails, or 'r' if i really just
want the author.

if i get list mail under =mass, list-reply is called, and the To and
Cc field field in according to the original messages M-F-T header. if
that's not set, the reply just goes to the list.

if i get a mail addresses to multiple people, then the reply goes to

if i hit 'r' no matter whether it's mass or
non-mass-but-multiple-recipients mail, then only the author receives

nice, isn't it?

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