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Re: Need help designing backup/server system

hi ya

On Sat, 14 Dec 2002, Dennis G. Wicks wrote:

> Hi Alvin!
> The problem is that I am *always* home! These are my
> personal computers, at least in the sense that I own them,
> but they are used for business purposes as well as personal.
> And me thinks you have a simplistic view of Window machines!
> I have *nothing* in the "My Documents" folder, and neither
> does my wife. I have 30 gig of files and programs and my
> wife has over 60 gig. I have no idea how many directories,
> or "folders," either of us have.

i always keep things simple ... esp when dealing with 10, 100
or more machines...

for your "home and business machines" ... its still fairly easy

- since you have 2 PCs.. buy a 100GB disk  ( $150 or less  )

- do to the nightly backup
	mount /Backup

	mount your_PC:/ /mnt/you_rpc
	tar zcvf /Backup/your_pc/date.tgz /mnt/your_pc
	umount /mnt/your_pc

	mount her_PC:/ /mnt/her_pc
	tar zcvf /Backup/her_pc/date.tgz /mnt/her_pc
	umount /mnt/her_pc
	umount /Backup

-- do incremental backups too ... 
	find /mnt/her_pc -mtime -7 -type f |
	tar zcvf /Backup/her_pc/date.tgz  -T -

-- all one script... like i said...

-- with planning, you only needed to backup C:/"My Documents"
	but now, 10yrs later, you have no choice, but to 
	backup everything instead

done ... no worries... no problems..

-- backup of 10-100 Terabyte of stuff is  lot more trickeir
   when its spread out between linux, solaris, PCs, laptops

	and the probelm is people do NOT follow directions
	and expect their secret files to be backed up
	and recovered if they erased it

	- backup of "all of google" is lot more fun ...
	how do i get that job ?? .. humm ...

c ya

> My idea is to move all this stuff from Windows to a Debian
> fileserver, and in the process put it all on raided IDE
> drives so one HD failure doesn't provoke heart failure or
> stroke.
> Actual backups have been of limited use to me at anytime in
> the last 10 years. That encompases about six disasterous
> failures! In no case was the backup/restore procedures of
> any use in recovering the really important lost data.
> Generally because the failure occurred shortly before
> another backup was done, and 24 hours of work was lost. In
> one case, even though I had tested the backup and restore
> software nine times, really!, the tenth time I had
> unreadable tapes, and that was when I needed it! Hence, my
> decisiion to use raid.
> Any specific hints or tips along this line?

> > === all of the above is just one script run from cron
> > 	http://www.Linux-Backup.net/scripts/Backup.pl
> >
> > c ya
> > alvin
> >
> >

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