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Re: Need help designing backup/server system - raid

hi dennis

On Sat, 14 Dec 2002, Alvin Oga wrote:

> > My idea is to move all this stuff from Windows to a Debian
> > fileserver, and in the process put it all on raided IDE
> > drives so one HD failure doesn't provoke heart failure or
> > stroke.
> > 
> > Actual backups have been of limited use to me at anytime in
> > the last 10 years. That encompases about six disasterous
> > failures! In no case was the backup/restore procedures of
> > any use in recovering the really important lost data.
> > Generally because the failure occurred shortly before
> > another backup was done, and 24 hours of work was lost. In
> > one case, even though I had tested the backup and restore
> > software nine times, really!, the tenth time I had
> > unreadable tapes, and that was when I needed it! Hence, my
> > decisiion to use raid.
> > 
> > Any specific hints or tips along this line?

yupp... i dont like tapes for exactly what you stated...
	- i always use disks for backups

- i've never lost data ... when i had control of where all data 
  is kept...

- using raid is good and bad...
	- in raid mirror ....  if you erase it on "A"
	than the mirror will also erase itself too

	- in raid5 .... if you lose 1 of 3-4-5 disks
	than  you have a few minutes/days/hours to
	replace that bad disks

	if you lose the 2nd disks... before you replaced
	the bad disks... all data is lost on all drives

- with more disks ...  your probability of catastrophic 
  disk failures goes up

- raid is NOT the solution for "backups"

- raid is an option if you need a 500GB disk space...
  since no single disk or single tape can handle 500GB  of data

backup stuff

raid stuff

c ya

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