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Re: strange problem compiling source rpms

Faheem Mitha <faheem@email.unc.edu> [2002-12-12 21:57:35 +0000]:
> > rpm is trying to mkdir /usr/src/rpm/SOURCES, of course this fails if
> > /usr/src/rpm does not exist. It's dumb code and a bad error message.

Actually it does not try to make the directories.  It just fails if
the directories are not premade.

> Oh, I see. I thought something like install -d was the conventional
> way to do this.

Inside of rpm it is a C program and it should make the directories
using C code.  The 'install -d' is for makefiles which are shell

If you are building rpms and want to do so in your home directory this
I suggest this.

File $HOME/.rpmmacros:
  %_topdir /home/replay-with-your-login-name-here/src/rpms

Then make all of the directories it wants in ~/src/rpms/RPMS, etc. and
you can have a private build area.  This is they way I build my own
rpms.  No collisions with other processes in the shared /usr/src


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