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Re: questions about mutt

This one time, at band camp, Cameron Matheson said:
> Hi guys,
> Ever since i started using Linux, i have routinely been switching
> between mutt, mozilla mail, and (more recently), evolution.  Anyway, i
> kind of like mutt a lot, but i have a few questions/concerns about it:
> 1)  Using mutt in X.  Mutt is really really ugly in an xterm (or at
> least i think it is), is there any fonts or other ways of running mutt
> that work better for people (i don't really like to run it in the
> console because my browser and everything is in X).

You have to first set the fonts used by the terminal - if you use
gnome-terminal, this is trivially easy, as is (3), below.  Also, play
with the color suggestions, as others have said - it makes life a lot

> 2)  This one i should probably be able to figure out myself, but i want
> to compose my messages in mutt w/ my already-running emacs.  I know
> about the 'VISUAL' option in the muttrc, but that doesn't really seem to
> work for me (when i try to reply to a message, it wouldn't quote the
> message inside the editor IIRC, and it started a new emacs instead of
> using the one already running (same goes for mozilla)).

emacs-client, IIRC.

> 3) Is there a way to use urlview so that i can just click on the links
> and have it launch a browser instead of copy and pasting them into my
> browser?

Gnome-terminal does this.

> 4) What's the best way to handle HTML mail (please no /dev/null jokes
> here ;)

html2text installs a mailcap entry, so mutt calls it when you read HTML
mail - the only drawback is that it's formatting leaves a little to be

> I think that's about it, i like the fetchmail/spamassassin/procmail/mutt
> system better than the big GUI mail-editor/filter system, so i would
> like to become a permanent mutt user but for the reasons listed above i
> seem to always to back to mozilla mail or evolution.
> Thanks,
> Cam

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