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Re: IMAP recommendations

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 10:39:42PM -0500, Tom Allison typed the following...
> I'm looking for suggestions on which of the .deb available IMAP 
> servers might do well for scalability and security.
> I am planning on tying this in with a webmail interface, probably 
> squirrelmail.
...and that's all Tom Allison wrote I'm afraid

I went through this same decision process a while ago and ended up with
the following choices:

Exim base mail app. - I wavered on Qmail, but really didn't like it
much, partly due to the license obstructing binary distribution and
partly due to the configuration - the way it uses multiple hidden files
for managing aliases is a pain and just plain daft imho.

Courier for IMAP - I looked briefly at UW, but this didn't seem to solid
on the security side from what I read; I also looked at Cygnus and
installed it briefly, but I really didn't like the way it uses its own
system for storing mail as I like to be able to work with the mail
locally on the server using Mutt if I need to - too proprietry for me,
if that's the right word!

Procmail and Fetchmail fit in with this nicely if needed.  Procmail I
use, and there are a couple of accounts I use Fetchmail to pull mail in

Webmail I've not sorted yet.  I did take a look at Squirrel mail a while
back, but haven't done a full evaluation yet.

Anyway, summary - Courier IMAP would be my recommendation.

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