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Startup message: "Not automatically fixing this"

On startup of a fairly new installation (Libranet 2.0 / 2.4.18 kernal /
ReiserFS) onto a brand-new harddrive I have started getting strange numbers
appearing during boot up that I haven't seen before (either on previous
installations or the first few boots of this one), with the line "Not
automatically fixing this" below them.  The numbers fill more than a screen
and I can't see what they refer to as they flash by.  I've tried dmesg and
looking in /var/log/messages and syslog but although most of the messages
are there that I recognise during startup, these aren't.  I'm a touch
concerned they might be referring to bad HD sectors, and would like to know
how to capture them or where to find a log that would contain this output
if possible.

Cheers - Dave 

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