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Re: questions about mutt

Brian Nelson <nelson@bignachos.com> writes:

> Err, yeah, there's a way to run Emacs as a client/server.  I think you 
> start the original Emacs with something like "emacs -f server-start", 
> and then you set your editor in mutt to "emacsclient" and it'll use the 
> server process.  It's been a while since I've done this though.

You can also do this from .emacs, IIRC.  (server-start) ?  Sorry I don't
use Gnu EMacs nowadays.

The other really nice add-on for mutt/slrn with the emacsen is post.el !
Put it in your load-path, compile it and put (require 'post) in .emacs.
It gives you message highlighting, quote-stripping, selectable signatures
and a variety of other useful functions.


It makes mail/news without Gnus just about bearable - but only just!


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