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Re: lynx rendering fonts

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 11:18:00AM -0800, Charlie Reiman wrote:

> Not xresources, terminfo. Terminfo is lower level. Programs use terminfo to
> know what a terminal is capable of and what character sequences it needs to
> send to get the terminal to do things. For example, if my TERM is xterm, a
> program that drives the screen will eventually ned to look up a capability
> (say, clear screen) in the terminfo data record for that terminal. This will
> return a character code sequence (probably ^[7;u or some such similar line
> noise). The program then spits that out, the terminal recognizes it, and
> clears the screen.
> Termcap, an older variant of terminfo, kept all its terminal data as ascii
> files. This made it pretty easy to copy them and then modify them to your
> heart's content (IIRC you could even set a TERMCAP environment variable to
> hold your entire term capability text). Terminfo compiles an ascii format
> into a binary form but you should still be able to find the ascii source,
> modify it, then compile and install under a different terminal name. Using
> this, you could change the standout-mode character sequences to nothing, so
> the terminal will never generate standout characters.

Thank you very much for this basic information.
I'm really grateful being provided with these internals. It's
often very tiring reading dozens of man pages to get only one
topic resolved. In short, you ask one question and you end up
with a dozen - and rarely a answer.

What you suggested sounds like some work to do. I'm not sure
if this is the best way to fullfill my wish relating to lynx,
yet I do have a better insight for other questions showing up.


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