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RE: Is it possible to switch these processors?

Thanks for all the good, sound advice.
I've decided not to pursue swapping out the processors.
thanks again for all the advice.

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On 11 Dec 2002, Ron Johnson wrote:

> On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 11:51, Wathen, Metherion wrote:
> > How do I find out if the processors are socket 7 or slot 1?
> > I assumed they were both socket 7; so my question now is, is there
> > on the processor that would indicate the socket type? Additionally where
> > i go on the net to find out info on motherboards, monitors, etc., if the
> > is no longer in business or around.
> Since Intel stopped making Pentiums that slow a *long* time ago,
> at 233MHz, and then started with the Pentium II, which had a
> totally different packaging and physical method of connecting
> the CPU to the motherboard, Mike is totally right.
> Walter, your desire is impossible to accomplish.
> Ron

Only way I can think of, is if this cpu wasn't a "p450" but instead an AMD
K6-[23]/450.  But either way, I doubt that motherboard is going to handle
it anyways (100fsb, etc)


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