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Re: Imp3/Horde2 just dumps me back to the login screen

Joe Emenaker wrote:
Okay... I *had* horde2/imp3 working about a few weeks ago.

My guess is libc-client2002 (2002rc10debian-1) is the problem

In an upgrade around the beginning of November, the default for this package was to disable plaintext passwords. As IMP does not use IMAPS (i.e. an SSL connection to the mail server), you password is interpreted as invalid.

See my similar complaint about squirrelmail

As an experiment, do
dpkg-reconfigure libc-client2002, and allow plaintext passwords

(It will create a file call /etc/c-client.cf with a disabling command).

My guess is that IMP will work. Then you have to decide how you want to proceed.


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