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Re: EXIM relay for specific users

On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 08:28:56PM -0800, Michael Olds wrote:
> I guess I didn't see the post with the RTFM and YFA. I said I read O'Reilly.
> I have read the manuals. I have searched Google and have a good collection
> of links. I have played with the configuration for more than a month
> now...first began (look in the archives...) in October. I work at it until I
> can't think of anything more to do and then ask. I don't think I am abusing
> the system. Either the answer to this question is not spelled out in the
> documentation or I am reading in incorrectly in some way that needs to be
> changed, either way I am stuck. (I did not see the series of answers Paul
> gave because I have not been connected to the list for the last month or
> more.)

I don't think Paul was too harsh, he just told you were the answer was.
True, the docs should probably explain this, since it's something quite
a few people seem interested in, but it has been answered on here

It is true that the Debian list archive search tool is crap, I usually
just use google with '+site:lists.debian.org' or one of the fifty
million mirrors of the list archive out there.


p.s. Please trim your quotes down the neccessary bits, and please,
please, please don't top post, since it makes your mail much harder to

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