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Re: Proftp behind firewall problem solved

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 05:19:42AM -0800, Michael Olds wrote:
> 2. I am probably using the wrong terminology. I use Cute FTP. The settings
> for this connection are:
> SFTP using SSH2 (Secure Shell) port 22
> Use Global Settings
> and I have SSH2 set up on the Linux box and it works (meaning I connect and
> I can up and download files).

Ah, you're using sftp.  That's ok then.  AFAIK, it runs everything over
TCP port 22, so you're all good.  FTP is a rather messy protocol that
requires both sides to open up ports to each other, so it interacts
extremely poorly with NAT (and firewalls in general).

> My (thin-film level) understanding was that SSH2 actually pretended to be
> whatever open ports were necessary for the communication, but all traffic
> went through 22. At this time the firewall is actually closed on 20 and 21
> and everything else except 22, 80, 110, 25.

Yep, effectively.

Sorry about jumping in mid-thread like that, looks like I missed some
important details.  Glad it works now.


p.s. It's standard practice to not CC anyone on the list, unless their
Mail-Followup-To header says to or they explictely ask.

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