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Re: server monitoring program

Kevin Coyner said:

> This looks quite good, but do I need to have a Snips process of some type
> running on the Windows webservers that I need to monitor?

you wanted network monitoring. So, that means no processes on the
servers, only the monitoring system. The example monitors a ton of
different things(including my experimental samba-tng PDC) and everything
is monitored from 1 machine. You can spread the load out, but its
not needed.

> Or can I just run Snips as a standalone on my Debian box, having it
> ping/etc the Windows and Linux servers that I need to check that are not
> within my network?

you can run it on a standalone box(what i do). It works well, I've
been using SNIPS since september, and NOCOL(earlier "version" of
SNIPS for about 3 years now). I suppose the only downside to it
is the mailing list is not active, but if you have an issue I can
try to help with it. It's pretty easy to use.


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